Site Map for Science Center

Here is a site map I created of the California Science Center’s website. It was for web design class at BU. Pretty cool I got to learn MindJet except it has a few limitations. But still fun

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Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication -Leonardo da Vinci

Final project for Expressive Type. I am extra proud of the first panel. The prof told us for that panel we had to include about 4 other quotes in our design, at first I had no idea how to incorporate them, but then I designed the newspapers, using the quotes as “articles”. I printed some out on newsprint, and then photographed the whole thing!

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Brain Box

I used to work in medicinal chemistry, but decided to follow my dream and become a designer, communicator & advertiser. As I aim to work in the medical/scientific field of advertising, the projects I do are often inspired by science. The really great story about this project, (other than how nicely it came out!) is that when it was in its preliminary stages, I ran into Dr. Brenda Milner, one of the greatest neuroscientists in Canadian history. She was just hanging out waiting for someone, and so I took advantage and spoke with her for like half an hour about everything, from our shared experience working at the MNI (Montreal Neurological Institute- she is 92 and still works there!), to the life and family of Dr. Penfield (founder of the MNI) and I even got to tell her about this box project– which she was very excited about!!! Suuuper cool experience!!!!!

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New York City Values

Second part of this assignment. The first one was drawn with only lines- and this one is using only value. The point is to have the front buildings dark, and the further away they are, the paler they get.
However we did not see the teacher last week, so did not get to ask him advice. The substitute said that even if the furthest buildings look dark in the real pic, I should draw them paler cus thats how they should look in reality. (I just don’t understand– if thats how they should look in reality, then wouldn’t the photograph be like that?)

The pictures I included below are:

a) where I was at, almost done, thinking it was all great, until I figured out…

b) …the definition of cross-hatching

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Form Re-design

Top: my re-designed version

Bottom: Original one we had to work from

my brain hurts I don’t know what words to insert here

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Lines of the Burj Khalifa

(AKA Burj Dubai)
burj dubai under construction

We had to bring some black & white landscape photos to class for this project. The idea of taking a bus up the mountain just to take stupid landscape photos bored me- I don’t like ‘views’ that much- so I took vacation shots and photoshopped them into grayscale.
Then I drew the Burj without any shading (it looked sooo much prettier before I realized that I was not allowed shading and had to erase it all… Oh well)

Above is the original pic. They’re from my trip in Dec. 2008- you can tell Dubai was still under construction.
The Burj Khalifa (AKA Burj Dubai) is the tallest man-made structure in the world. So tall, in fact, that the top contains counter-weights to keep the building from swaying in strong winds!
I hope Dubai withstands this economic crisis, but I’m so lucky to have seen it when I did!

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Portrait of guy who sort of looked like Tommy Gnosis

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